Emerito 60th Anniversary! 🥳🎈🎊

On 11 June 2024 Emerito S.L. celebrated its 60th anniversary. A family business whose third generation continues to respond to the demands of the global market when it comes to providing technological solutions for food packaging under the premises of quality, durability and outstanding customer service. It was an emotional event where the President of the Government, María Chivite, was present. In her speech she highlighted the entrepreneurial character of the property since its origins, mentioning expressly the efforts of our founder, Emerito Sáinz López, as well as those of his successors in the management responsibility in the figures of Angel Arteaga and Mila Sáinz (President of the Company) and Hugo Arteaga Sáinz, current General Manager of Emerito S.L.

Hugo Arteaga acted as host to the guests of the event and once again expressed his commitment to ensure that Emerito S.L. continues to be considered, not only at national level, but also at international level, as one of the reference companies in the sector. “We have the strength to keep on improving, to reach more and better, to any of our customers, and this is a commitment that I assume as general manager but that each one of the people who are part of this team and of this family that is Emerito S.L. assumes”.

In addition to President Chivite, the attendees included leading figures from the Chamber of Commerce, ALINAR, CNTA, AIN, financial institutions, and members of the Industry Commission of the Parliament of Navarre, as well as representatives of the Municipal Corporation of the City Council, who wanted to participate in such an important event. Some of the most important customers in the area were also present, as well as some of our company’s collaborators and representatives, both nationally and internationally. All of them followed attentively the visit to the production where they could see first hand some of the examples of packaging lines that, at this moment, were in production, as well as other important details of the company’s operation.

To all of them, in addition to the most sincere thanks, they were conveyed the commitment to continue for many more years at the forefront of food technology.