Full Containers Washer

This washer is designed for the washing of full and closed containers.

We can adapt specifically to the needs and applications of each customer, whether they work with cans, bottles, etc. of different formats.

Our full container washers, in order to improve the finishing quality and especially when soap is used, incorporate as standard a rinsing module that, if desired, can act independently. If the customer does not wish to use this independent system, simply by managing the shut-off valves, the module is incorporated into the general rinsing system. This rinsing module, in order to economize the use of mains water, acts only if it detects the entry of containers in the equipment. Otherwise, it stops working.

It is important to bear in mind that our full container washers are designed to work in continuous production, not to wash previously stored containers where dirt may have adhered.

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Equipment designed to depalletize rigid empty containers such as


that are already palletized, with the function to align them one by one and lead them correctly to the packaging line. It can also be used at the end of the line with full containers to align them one by one and lead them to the batch marking and labeling area.


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Machine specifically designed to clean and sanitize empty containers used in food production processes, whether they are made of plastic, tinplate or glass.

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Twist Off and PT closures. Totally adapted to your needs. Total versatility in containers, lids and products. In addition, we have the fastest container format changeover in the market.

Low Productions (Up to 40 cpm)

Emerito S1 Emerito 0.8 Emerito 4.8

Medium Productions (Up to 70 cpm)

Emerito 1.8 Emerito 1.8G 

Medium-High Productions (Up to 200 cpm)

Emerito 2.8 Emerito 2.8 M2 

High Productions (Up to 600 cpm)

Emerito 3.8 Emerito 5.8

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Food Safety


Fully programmable


Equipment that controls the quality of food packaging, checking the vacuum of each food and the placement of the lid.


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Equipment designed to avoid the overfilling of solid product in the containers, prior to being closed.


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For autoclaves

Machines designed to insert and extract already closed containers into the baskets normally used in horizontal autoclaves. They can be automatic or semi-automatic, depending on the needs of each packaging line.

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We have equipment to complement the processes, such as accumulation and feeding plates and tables, conveyor belts and electric steam generators.


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