Additional Equipment

Rotary Plate

We have rotary plates for the feeding of the containers to the canning lines as well as for the accumulation of containers once they are finished. There are three versions according to diameters: Ø800mm, Ø1000mm, Ø1100mm.


As in the case of plates, we have tables both for feeding empty containers to lines and for the accumulation of finished containers.

Hinged Tapes

As complements to the rest of the equipment, Emerito S.L. manufactures hinges of different sizes, including curved hinges, according to the needs of each project in which they are integrated.

Electric Steam Generator

Equipment designed to provide service to those small producers who, still lacking a steam boiler in their facilities, need this element to provide service to some models of our sealers and thus favor the creation of vacuum in the canning process as a food safety measure, whether or not there is a subsequent thermal process (pasteurized or sterilized).