We incorporated a new CNC lathe in our production plant

From Emerito S.L. we would like to wish you a great 2022, which we hope will be full of health and success, both personal and professional. Despite the global difficulties derived from the pandemic, we have managed to have a good 2021, both in terms of sales and in the number of solutions successfully served to our customers around the world, where we have all given our best, which confirms that being united we can always achieve our goals and overcome all the inconveniences we have to face.

It has been a year in which we want to show special gratitude to all the members of the Emerito team, some of them recently incorporated and others not so recent, but also to all the friends, clients and collaborators with whom we have had the pleasure of working, both nationally and internationally. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have been able to count on such professional and human quality close to us, despite the circumstances that affect us all in one way or another.

As a reward for this great work done together by the whole team, we have been able to devote sufficient resources to incorporate a new CNC lathe in our production plant, which will help us to have more capacity, quality, speed and productivity in the realization of these works. It is a clear symptom of evolution, based on the good work of a whole group of people who make a company, brand or product what it finally is.

Thank you all for this 2021 and together for 2022!