Electric Steam Generator

This electric steam boiler has been designed to give service to those small producers who, still lacking a steam boiler in their facilities, need to create vacuum in the packaging process as a measure of food safety, prior to the corresponding thermal processes. It can also be used in EMERITO equipment to supply steam to temperature control systems. In this way we manage to offer our customers a steam generation system suitable to their needs, with minimal investment.

It is an electrical equipment with stainless steel boiler, which uses four independent resistances of 15 KW each for a total steam production of approximately 80 kg/steam/hour, 19.5 KG/steam/hour per resistance. Steam intake is controlled by built-in pressure gauge. The equipment is CE marked.


  • Electrical connection: 1 x 3F+N+T / 60 KW – 400 V
  • Dimensions (mm): 875 x 875 x 1285
  • 8 resistances (4 groups of 2) / 78 KG / h
  • Each group of resistances: 15 KW – 19,5 KG / h
  • Water inlet: 1 x valve ½ HH pressure 3-4 BAR